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      Welcome to S.M. College of Memory
Ours is a corporate communications company providing corporate entertainment, business entertainment, commercial entertainment event, Training in Memory Improvement, Personality Development etc. These events refresh employees, enlighten their knowledge and skills and give wholesome entertainment.

About Us

Since our inception in 2002, we (S.M.College of Memory), have been providing "Entertainment that invigorates intelligence" to the corporate spectators. Items include corporate entertainment event, business entertainment event, commercial entertainment event, corporate picnic and many more. An amazing demonstration of memory skills, mathemagic, mind reading, magic shows etc have enthralled the corporate audience and led to a stunning discovery of unknown memory skills of the participants. Besides providing wholesome entertainment, these programs offer a "take home" package of teaching a few techniques to the spectators.

Started by "Sunny, the Memory Man", as a 'one man institution' in 2002, S.M College, today has a team of Artists, Magicians, Mentalists, Humorists, Trainers etc to cater to every type of audience.

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