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KCC Picnic at Malad Resort
KCA Picnic at Madh Beach
E-Merck Picnic at Lonavala
Kotak Mahindra Picnic at Matheran

Everybody wants to go for a picnic once in a while. When the picnic occasion comes up in a corporate organization, usually it the H.R people who have to organize everything. This deprives the H.R staff of the pleasure of enjoying the picnic.

Memorable Picnic is an event management service offered by S.M.College of Memory.

“Your location, your transportation, your food, our entertainment”
is the slogan for this program. (The client takes care of the location of the picnic, makes the transportation arrangements + food etc and then Sunny & team are invited for entertainment). Though we have the know-how and the contacts to make all arrangements for the “Executive Picnic”, we would not like to get into the functions like booking the hotel, making the transportation arrangement etc.

We come with our team of entertainers who have their bag full of fun games to keep everyone in the group entertained. Since the games are conceived by professionals, the participants can rest assured of high quality entertainment and fun.

We recommend that the picnic spot be selected such that there will be a lot of open space for the participants to run around, hide and seek etc. Most of the working executives usually have a morbid, immobile work life. MEMORABLE PICNIC is an event to make them run around and have fun.

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