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Omkar Deshpande
Parth Oza
Swapnil Velunde
Training Programe for Employee's Children at
Wartsila Diesel

Memory Champions :- All the 3 of them can memorize 70+ digit numbers and recall back & forth

This is a specialized program designed to impart training in Memory improvement, Brain Speed improvement, Brain Management, Personality Development, Public Speaking Skills, Communication Skills, Improving concentration, focus & attention, Reading faster & understanding better, memory techniques (application of mnemonics), curing absent mindedness, improving imagination & visualization, goal setting, success principles, intelligence quotient test, discover the genius within you etc.

This training program is ideally suited for the following groups of people

WORKING EXECUTIVES (higher the educational qualifications, better the result)

40-50 AGE GROUP (to reverse the so called “declining brain power”)

STUDENTS (10 year +)

EMPLOYEE WELFARE PROGRAMS (where corporate bodies arrange a training program for the benefit of their employee’s children)

SOCIAL GROUPS / HOUSING SOCIETIES (who have a culture of imparting education to their members)

Besides imparting training on memory & brain speed improving skills, these training programs discover many “Hero’s” who have amazing memory capabilities, but were not known till that day.

(detailed brochure on training programs available on request)

Please see the photographs displayed on this page, on some of our past training sessions.

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