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Everybody knows that “Laughter is the best medicine”. Laughter can de-stress you, cheer you up and it is the cure for many illness known to man.

This show is mainly aimed at the corporate executives who reel under a lot of stress. This is an interactive show where the spectators also take part in the show, by telling jokes. Prizes are also given to those who tell the best jokes.

The basic funda is this:- All of us have heard thousands of jokes right from childhood. Yet, how many of us can tell 10 jokes instantly? Please try it out for yourself.

Sunny and his team (the team consists of humorists, members of humour club, laughter club etc, including some of the well know laughter stars seen on TV channels) will come to your place with their ability to recall jokes on numerous subjects that suit the situation. However, the laughter stuff is not based on a prepared script. Instead, they start somewhere and someone in the audience tells a joke that has some relation to the joke already said, or a joke that has no relation at all. Sunny and his team would pick up the subject from there and tells a number of jokes. Then, the ball (means, the chance to tell the joke) is passed on to the audience. Anybody can pick up at any point and when their stock gets over, the Laugher Show team takes over. Then it goes on and on.

All the laughs generated are based on natural jokes. No artificial laughter is pushed in. Ask yourself this question….

When was it that you had the maximum number of laughter ever?Was it while watching a funny movie/drama, or hearing a Hasya kavi, or while watching the Laugher Challenge or similar laughter stuff?

If you have noticed it, we laughed many times watching the above said programs. But never at every joke, continuously for half an hour or one hour. There were many funny moments during these programs, but the real laughs were sometimes only.

LAUGHTER SHOW is the only show where the audience laughs again and again at every joke for half an hour or one hour (or, more).

Though this show is called “Laughter Show”, it is more of a “Memory Show”. Jokes are recalled from unknown storage shelves in the brain as and when required. When the jokes fit the appropriate situation, they appear like “impromptu” jokes.

The ideal crowd for this show would be Corporate Executives, Clubs, Private Party Functions, Training Programs ( i.e in between continuously running training programs where the trainees will be sleeping most of the time) etc.


This is a video presentation comprising of funny video’s, clips, cartoons etc collected and edited over a period of time.

CARTOON SHOW can be presented as a stand alone item, or as part of LAUGHTER SHOW.

This item is a “Different Type of Entertainment” that can act a as a novel item for entertainment.

Duration : 30 to 45 minutes

Requirements: Computer + LCD Projector + White Screen

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