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Memory Magic The -

This is the flagship program of Sunny, the memory man. This program was the passport for him to enter the corporate world.

This show consists of items such as 3 D Pegging, Link Show, Long Number Memory, Birthday Calendar, Calendar Memory, Playing Card Memory, Mind Magic etc.

Card Memory Show at St. Antony's School, Santacruz
Amazing 3D Pegging
Show at Nicholas Piramal, Thane
Show at Bombay Stock Exchange
Show at LIC for Top General Mangers
Show at GCC Club
Show at Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
Show at Onida
Show at Wockhardt
Show at Planman Consultants

Memory Magic is the only item from Sunny Master that entertains all type of audience (all other programs are for well educated audience). It is somewhat like watching a Magic Show. The difference is that while the magician uses illusion, misdirection, sleight of hand, speed etc to entertain, Memory Show consists of memory skills, mind speed, applications of mnemonics etc to entertain the spectators. This show is a demonstration of techniques, methods and systems for entertainment. There is no cheating involved. There is nothing “ hidden” from the spectators. This show is for those who would like to see some different type of entertainment.

They say… “Magicians Never Tell”. But Sunny tells (teaches) some of the techniques to the spectators. This is the ‘value addition benefit’ from this show, besides entertainment.

In addition, it was during Sunny’s Memory Show that many people discovered their amazing memory skills not known to them till that time. There are several occasions when the spectators are invited to try to show the skills demonstrated by Sunny and when they make an attempt, they come out with some stunning discoveries about their memory power which was not known to them.

Ideal edutainment program for Corporate bodies, institutions, colleges, schools, clubs, housing societies, birthday parties, picnics, offices etc.

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